The Asha Code - Client Agreement

Please read this agreement in its entirety.

This is your contractual agreement for working with Aspire Business.

 Unless you provide written disagreement with any of these terms within the first 24 hours of your first payment, your payment binds you to this contract.  After this time period has passed Aspire Business is not required to honor any disagreement or make changes to terms below.


Our Shared Understanding

Trust and mutual respect are essential parts of the work we will do together.

As a business and mindset coach, it’s important for you to know the principles and ethics that guide this work. Unless otherwise noted, the terms that follow apply regardless of the type of service is rendered, or whether it is a group or individual session.

The agreement below is presented to make sure we have clarity and mutual understanding about these matters. You should also know I subscribe to the Code of Ethics of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

I invite you to openly discuss any concerns or questions that may arise during our working together. I am happy to explain any aspect of your session or of the information on this page.

I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to be part of your growth and business development.


Agreement for Services

This document represents a business agreement between you as a client and ASharie Enterprises, LLC dba Aspire Business for coaching/consulting services and services/products packages which may be delivered alone or incorporated into related services mutually agreed upon such as writing, project management, training or a group program, etc.

Services are provided by Ashley Thompson and others (when mentioned and previously agreed upon) through Aspire Business. The term practitioner is used to refer to the coach or consultant (singular or plural) providing the services to you.  The terms “we” and “us” is used interchangeably to refer to those delivering services whether singular or multiple.

The services to be provided by the practitioner to the client that are covered by this agreement are coaching, or consulting and/or some combination thereof.

  • Venue – This agreement will be considered to have been made in and will be interpreted under the laws of Fairfax, Virginia USA.


I. Payment & Transfer of ownership

The cost for this service and payment terms have been negotiated per your proposal and payment plan.

Transition of Site Ownership.

Transition of Ownership will only occur once final payment has been made and accepted.


II. Refund Policy // Cancellation of Services

There are no refunds for this service.

If you choose to terminate the contract, you will not retain any rights to your unfinished product. Your access to all content will be revoked, and you will be emailed physical copies of the content included in this service.

If cancellation/termination is a mutual decision, the appropriate means will be negotiated for outstanding balance, and support materials.


III. Coaching Call Details

Scheduling Calls. My availability is maintained on the client scheduling site located here:

Cancelling/Rescheduling Calls. If a call is rescheduled or canceled by the client outside of the 24hr cancellation window, less extenuating circumstances, the client will incur $50 cancellation fee.

True emergencies are the rare exception and will be evaluated on a case by case basis. If on occasion we choose to waive this fee, it does not mean the policy has changed.

Telephone Charges. Charges are the responsibility of the client. Since most session calls are recorded this means, unless otherwise note, calling in to a conference call line located in the United States. The conference line information will be included in your welcome materials.


IV. Client Support

I will 100% be available to you for the duration of your service package. My preferred method of communication is via e-mail. This helps to insure that all communication and information is documented in one place for ease of access by all parties.

Dedicated Client office hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10am - 12Pm 

Priority client only email:


V. Confidentiality

Confidentiality and your privacy is a high priority.  You are also expected to respect the privacy of Aspire Business as well.  While you’re free to share what you experienced and learned -- please treat as confidential any specific business materials, activities, documents etc obtained from Aspire Business .

Coaching log. As part of an ongoing professional coach credentialing process, I may document client names, contact information and session times in a confidential log. The log does not include the topics discussed.  Where meetings include consulting, teaching or other services in addition to coaching the amount of time spent coaching will be documented. This log of cumulative coaching hours is periodically submitted to certifying bodies (e.g. International Coach Federation) who also hold it in confidence. Occasionally these certifying bodies audit the submitted logs, so it is possible although unlikely you may be contacted to verify that a coaching relationship existed. In this unlikely situation we appreciate your cooperation which enables your practitioner to continue professional development.

Supervision & Call Recordings. Calls are usually recorded without further permission for confidential use for the practitioner’s professional development. I may share these recordings and/or discuss sessions with mentors, supervisors, legal advisers or credentialing boards when deemed appropriate for learning and professional development. I will make good faith efforts to ensure these parties keep everything strictly confidential. Whenever possible, client names are not mentioned and identifying personal details are omitted or changed.

Teaching Situations & Case Studies. I may mention topics or situations discussed but will be careful to not to mention personally identifying details without your permission.

Administrative Assistance. From time to time administrative help may be retained for matters such as data entry, bookkeeping, etc. In the course of performing such duties these professionals may have access to confidential client data.  Reasonable good faith efforts will be made to ensure that privacy and confidentiality is maintained throughout all such processes and by all such individuals.

Miscellaneous. You should also be aware there are various risks to your privacy that are out of our control. Among them, email and the phone are not completely secure means of communication. If, for example, you have concerns about being at risk for domestic violence, or child custody battles, or a dispute with a business partner, this may be an area of concern for you. In such cases you should seek help from legal and privacy experts to help you with that. While your privacy is important to us, you should know that we do not make any promise to fund a court battle in the highly unlikely case a court order required us to disclose information.