Are You Focusing on the Right Audience?

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When you hear audience, chances are the first thing you think of is your target market. The people you’ve identified as the pool of potential for your business. To effectively utilize this audience, you need to segment, just as you did the market as a whole.

This will make your marketing efforts even more effective.

Your target market can be segmented many ways, but right now we are looking at 4 distinct groups that are always present.

Audience One

The people who love you. They constantly show up. Many have worked with you. They engage with you beyond just the vanity metrics. They are enthusiastic about you and your brand. These are your people, they are your tribe.

Audience Two

The people who like you. They may follow you, they may like your posts. But largely they are just there, not hurting -- but certainly not helping. In my experience these are the people who follow/unfollow or just plain lurk.

Audience Three

The people who don’t like you. This group can be looked at as those who choose not to engage. Who don’t follow. Who just aren’t interested in what you do. Or those who hate you, and engage negatively. For the purposes of this -- they are one audience that gets zero energy from you.

Audience Four

The people don’t understand you. Usually they are not clear on what they do/need and thus they don't know that they need you. Once this audience gains a little more clarity, they fall into one of the other categories.

Now, I know what you are thinking. You’ve got Audience One in the bag, so you need to focus on turning Audience Two or Audience Four into One’s.


Let’s take a deeper look.

Audience Two is basically apathetic.

Remember when Regina said “Stop trying to make fetch happen” -- that’s basically your stance with this audience. They’ve already chosen, and they’ve decided they aren’t really moved by you. You are just aight to them and that’s fine.

Just think about your own "consumer habits". You are in somebodies Audience Two. How likely are you to be influenced as a Two, not likely right? They are already there, they are already watching, so there is nothing else for you to do with them. If they decide to be a One -- it will be on their own accord.

Audience Four is just plain confused.

@@We’ve all had our encounters with confused people. It’s tiring and draining and Google is free.@@ Your best bet with this portion of your audience is to let them do their own research and decide how they feel about your business.

"When the student is ready the teacher appears." Rather than trying to force a square peg into a round hole, just let this audience be. Keep focusing on your messaging, keep focusing on your content and as this audience learns their needs and keeps “seeing you” -- they will move themselves accordingly.

So that leaves us with just one, literally, just Audience One.

Most of us make the mistake of focusing on Two and Four, thinking we can explain ourselves, justify our services, and rationalize their needs into making them Audience One’s.

This is actually hustling backwards. You only need to focus on Audience One.

I know, I know -- they love you, so what gives. Everything. This part of your audience connects with your messaging, they like your brand, they want your services -- this is the jackpot. They aren’t a cold lead or even lukewarm. They are on fire about you. You don’t have to explain yourself to them, you don’t have to “PC” your messaging, because you are already speaking their language.

Working with Audience One is what makes being in business fun. @@It’s less about “hustling up” clients and new leads, its about being present in your business and operating in your zone of genius.@@

Just a few benefits of solely on focusing on Audience One:

  • This audience has already taken numerous steps to interact with you. At any given point in time they are a few (or even one step) away from being a new or repeat customer.
  • They are willing to write testimonials, tell their friends and more on your behalf. With this type of enthusiasm there’s opportunities for additional income (collaborations, affiliate marketing etc.)
  • They are your on the spot focus group. Depending on how you interact you can beta test them, poll them, study them and get everything you need to know about your strategy and where your business needs to go next.


So, have you been focusing your energy on the right audience? If not, what changes can you make?

“When you align your message with what people are already passionate about, you are able to make an emotional connection.”
— Tim Burke

@@Knowing how to clearly define and communicate with your audience will make or break your business.@@ This is one of the most critical pieces to your success. If you feel your target audience could use a little work, let's talk about it.