4 Proven Strategies for Beating Burn-Out

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Before we dive into how to beat burnout, let’s cover what it is, why it’s harmful and how to know if it’s happening to you.

As entrepreneurs, it is easy to always be on the clock. In addition to a constant cycle of creating, there are many other aspects of running a business that has to be tended to -- by you. Often times, these administrative tasks become more of the focus than the actual creative part of your business that brings you passion. There’s so much that goes into running a business, beyond just the actual product or service you are selling that it’s no surprise that we run into burnout.

When you add in full time jobs, children, families and/or other responsibilities to the mix there are can be a lot of demands on “a little bit of time.” Naturally, with all of these demands, it makes sense that over exertion would catch up to you. While it’s true that lack of downtime can lead to burn out, that is often the symptom and not the root. The real cause is a little deeper than that.


When you’re your own boss, nobody’s telling you what to do or how to think. You set priorities, and you decide what to work on day in and day out. Every last decision comes down to you.

  • “Should I lower my prices for this new customer?”

  • “Should I launch this new product?”

  • “Should I post the picture? Is it on brand?”

All. The. Decisions.

Burnout also affects us physically. It varies from person to person, but for me it looks like eating crappy, skipping workouts and binge watching Netflix...in excess. Don’t even get me started on business...because as much as I am able to avoid it, I do.

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar, they are common indicators of burnout:

  • Are you exhausted all the time?

  • Do you feel more anxious about your business than you used to?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed and indecisive?

  • Are you struggling to focus?

  • Do you feel restless when you try to work?

  • Do you feel totally frustrated, stuck, or uncreative at work?

Since burnout can take such a toll on our physical, mental, and emotional health, it’s important to recognize these signs early, so that you are aware of them, and can take the necessary steps you need to get yourself back on track.


Every person is going to be a little different, but I’ll share some of my personal tips and tricks for staying passionate about my work and preventing burnout. Next time you find yourself in the face of burnout, try one (or more) of these four strategies:

1. Get Centered

Create space to just be. Focused on doing so much we forget we are human beings. When you’re working for yourself it’s tempting to work all the time. It feels good and successful to be “busy”. But in the reality, it’s the fast track to entrepreneurial burnout. That’s why you need to take some real time off, and make it a habit to find your center. Space to breathe. Space to create. Space to receive. Space to be.

Centering Activities

2. Get Grateful

A big part of burnout is stress. Stress can be linked to worrying, either too far in the fast or too far in the present. Creating established gratitude practice means you are focusing your attention back to the present moment. Take the pressure of your mental wheels from spinning and trying to solve problems that haven't happened, and relive past experiences that can’t be changed.

Start Your Gratitude Practice

  • Looking to start a quick and easy gratitude practice: start with 5 things you are grateful for each day. Try to pick something new each day.

  • When you’re ready to take your practice deeper, send me a message -- I’ve got gratitude challenges for days.

3. Get Organized

First step, setting boundaries. When I first started out, I gave little thought to boundaries. I was wayyy too eager to get my business going and getting all. the. clients. I quickly learned that I wanted to work my business -- not having my business work me.

Since burnout is a result of constant stress, you should considered your stressors (aka areas for boundaries) both at work and outside of work. Think about what’s stressing you out outside of business. Then, think of a solution. How can you make your life easier?

Start Organizing Your Business

  • I live for systems that work together, that integrate and a process that allows me to not stress the small stuff. My business runs like a dream, my client onboarding is seamless and I’ve never missed an appointment or double booked myself. #Boss!

  • Get my exact tools and my exact strategy for using them together here: Backend Boss (for a limited time it’s only $10!)

4. Get Help

It’s time for you to delegate and seek expert guidance. Delegating can be difficult for entrepreneurs, especially because we become so embedded in our businesses, it’s hard to relinquish our control. Letting someone help with the day to day (a VA) and/or tasks that aren’t your forte (copywriting anyone?) will reduce your stress, and free up your time operate in your strengths.

Now that you’ve freed up time with delegation, it’s time to seek expert help. As a coach, I am bias. But as a coachee I am speaking from experience. I experience the most growth, clarity and inspiration when I sought out a coach. #ShamelessPlug - if you are considering hiring a coach and or hiring help let’s talk. I’ve got you on the strategy front, and I’ve got a host of personal references for delegation and other specialized services.

I feel burnout comes as a result of consistent over-simulation.
— Dinesh Paliwal

The first step to avoiding burnout is to be honest with yourself.

Burnout can have mental and physical impacts that are difficult to shake, it’s best to recognize the warning signs and even better to prepare a business that’s burnout proof! Take intentional time to assess your life and business and make the needed changes, now.

Let’s talk about creating your personal strategy today. Build a business designed to beat burnout from day one! Full program details here, or schedule call below.