How To Keep Imposter Syndrome in Check

During a recent mastermind session, the topic of imposter syndrome came up. When you google this topic, hundreds of articles will come up. It's no doubt a real thing, that one time or another we've all dealt with, and will continue to deal with. Identifying it isn't the challenge, it's getting to the root of it that poses a problem. A whole host of factors can "cause" it, especially as it relates to building your business and creating success. I've found that in my journey and through coaching my clients, the root has been one common theme.

Defining your success by another persons standard.

Mindset Hacks to Get Your "Progress" in Check

If you’re feeling frustrated because it seems like everyone around you is having the best year of their life (especially success in their business) -- yet here you are trying to figure out why it hasn't happened for you...or if it even will, then this post is for you.

This is a frustrating place to be, especially when you are starting out. One day I would be in the trenches carrying out my vision, and next I’d see “success” all around me -- and out of nowhere I'd become insecure. I'd doubt my vision, and doubt if I was good enough to carry it out, because everyone else was “wayyyyy ahead of me”.

Are Your #Goals Really #Envy?

If I'm being all the way real, I used to HATE these posts. But I didn't want to be seen as a hater -- so I would say #goals and carry on with my scrolling. They really were goals though -- who doesn’t want a 6+ figure business, leave their day job, retire their spouse to work for them and whatever else, right? ...but later in the day it’s a guarantee I would be annoyed thinking HOW is this their life?! I have the business degrees, I have put in the work, when is it my turn...[insert tiny violin playing]

One day I was scrolling and caught myself just as I was about to roll my eyes, and asked Why? Why does this bother me so much?