How to Transform Your Beliefs and Improve Your Business

First things first, what is a belief?

Belief (noun) acceptance of opinion; conviction.

When applied to the sense of self it can be defined as a habitual pattern of thinking.

From this definition, beliefs can be broken into a series of elements -- the foundation from which you create and experience your reality. This includes, but is not limited to;

  • How you feel about yourself

  • How you see the people around you

  • How you perceive the world around you

  • The overall impact of your sense of joy and fulfillment

  • Your ability to perform on the job/in business

For better or for worse -- but not forever; most of your core beliefs were formed during your childhood. This is a critical time, primarily because this is a time when you were unable to reason these beliefs for yourself. You identified with beliefs that were given to you, from your parents, your environment, your peers, etc. These beliefs end up following you into adulthood whether or not you truly resonate with them. Yet, the quality of your life, your lifestyle and the reality you create, even in your business...are nothing more (or less) than what you believe them to be. Just as old habits die hard, so do childhood beliefs.  It is our job to modify these beliefs to truly serve us and our desires.


Who do you believe you are?

Even when we are presented with information to the contrary of our childhood beliefs, we find ourselves unable to let go. Who you believe you are, is who you will be. The same logic applies to what you believe you are and what you believe you can do. Think about it.

Who you believe you are, is who you will be.

So, who do you believe you are, really? Are you a successful business owner? An innovator? A creative?  Or, do you not even know what to believe? As adults it is our job to form new beliefs and update our old ones; it’s our job to grow up. Why? Because these beliefs form the foundation from which all else evolves. Yup, all as a person, your relationships, your personal habits, even your business. @@If you believe yourself to be competent, you will behave in ways consistent with that belief.@@  


Don’t “Fake it til you make it”

This is a good time to discuss the “fake it til you make it” coaching advice. Regardless of how you interpret this message, you simply cannot trick yourself into a set of beliefs. You must fully ascribe to these beliefs. “Faking it til you make it” is more about thoughts being congruent with action, as opposed to just acting as if you believe something you don’t...yet. Yes you can “fake it” -- but while engaging in this new desired belief, and applying it your life; you have to actively police your thoughts.  You have to cancel out and replace your old mindset/belief with your new shiny one.

You cannot trick yourself into a new set of beliefs. You must fully identify with these beliefs.

Old habits die hard, as do affirmations, and having a rubber-band around your wrist. It will take a concentrated effort to re-frame your belief system at its core -- not just in your actions. The most important thing to help you understand and modify beliefs is: no matter what they are or how you feel -- your belief system is entirely within your control. It is 100% malleable. Nobody and nothing outside of you can force you to alter your beliefs, nor should they. Beliefs are an internal and personal concept. The personal nature of beliefs is not only what makes you authentic, but it is what makes your brand authentic as well. The better you know yourself at the core, the better chance you have of intentionally creating a business as unique a you are.

Your life and its quality are created by you — for you.

Your life and its quality are created by you -- for you. You possess the personal power to control and dictate its trajectory. When you exercise this freedom and change your thinking pattern, consciously altering your beliefs, you change can radically change both your life and business.


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