4 Really Simple Steps for Killing it As a Solopreneur

Solopreneurship has many benefits. Before we get into that, let’s clarify what is a Solopreneur? How is that different from an Entrepreneur? The differences between the two is not that dramatic. The important thing to note is that a solopreneur starts working alone and ends that way. Some entrepreneurs may start alone in start-up until they can build themselves a viable team.

Although it sounds like the absolute dream -- sometimes working alone is hard. While you may not have a commute, are able to work in your pajamas, and there’s no boss micromanaging your daily activities, all that glitters is not gold. When the shiny newness wears off, you are faced with the reality of what's really going on. You work alone, day in and day out. No watercooler talk or lunch date debriefs -- you are your own everything, you operate your business, alone.

The micromanaging boss that was annoying, was actually an accountability mechanism. Now, no one stops you from Facebooking, no coworkers or employees are around to bounce ideas off of. Now, not only are you isolated, but you’ve begun to procrastinate your way through the day. Procrastination kills your business in so many ways. It can also lead to a self-defeating cycle of guilt and anxiety. What once was the beautiful blissful blessing of working from home and being your own boss, has turned into the arduous task of keeping your motivation and business afloat.


Set a Routine

Creating a routine sets an expectation for yourself.  It’s the antidote for waning motivation.  WIth a routine comes an expectation to keep you on task. It can be strict or loose, depending on your preference. Try to set specific hours, including lunch and mental breaks. This schedule is just as important for keeping you on task as it is for keeping you off task.  Entrepreneurship lends itself easily to overworking and overcommitting. Without a designated power-down time, you can burn yourself out as tasks, projects, and even days begin to blend together. Allowing time to power down lets you rest and recharge for a present and productive day.

Entrepreneurs need to power down. Set time to rest + recharge to be more productive in your work.


Take a Break + Reward Yourself

Relish in every single solitary victory. Why? Because you worked hard -- and hardwork deserves a reward + a break. The Pomodoro Technique encourages working in 25 minute chunks with 5 minute breaks in between. This short break can also double as your reward time. Apply this to your day by physically breaking from tasks -- check the item off the to do list and celebrate with a break. Whether you fill the time with a load of laundry, a sun salutation, responding to your friends, or whatever makes you happy -- ensure you completely step away from your work. @@Embrace your new mantra: Work. Break. Repeat. You need a break!@@


Get Out and Get Moving

Take full advantage of every benefit in working from home. The lack of a lengthy commute means you can replace that time with other activities during the day. You can wake up early and go for a walk, break in the middle of the day and do yoga, or close the day out with an evening jog. Keeping active is important, without a standard commute you lose a large element of activity in your day. Replace this with regular exercise; studies show it helps keep your brain fit, fend off anxiety and depression, and boost concentration and creativity. As a bonus, make this a social outlet by inviting a friend to join you, or joining a class at your local gym.


Change Your Scenery

Sometimes a simple activity, such as changing your scenery, is enough to spice up the mundane day-to-day of working from home. Try a local coffee shop, library, or the new craze -- coworking space. This semi social outlet gives you human interaction without serving as a distraction. If you finish early for the day -- play hooky! Leave your new work location and treat yourself to an afternoon of fun. Meet up with a friend, check out a new art exhibit, or visit family -- whatever you want to do the keep the balance of working hard without overdoing it.

Proper planning and strategy execution are an entrepreneurs keys to success.

As with everything, a plan will help you be prepared for most potential pitfalls. This is all summarized as part of your business strategy. Sometimes, it’s hard to figure out the balance of a strategy for your life and a strategy for your business, especially when first starting out. Luckily you don’t have far to go for help - between the site resources and services, all your bases are covered!


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