How to Do a Mid Year Review

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I feel like I say this every year, BUT, can you believe half the year is gone already? The mindfulness side of me cannot let this month pass without encouraging you to take an intentional assessment of your business, year to date

Taking an intentional inventory of you year, is literally all the difference in the success you are planning to achieve come December. If you are new to mid year reviews then you are in for a treat. This post is packed with information, and resources and a *time sensitive* offer for making sure you finish the year strong.


Get Away & Create Space! It doesn’t have to be far, but it needs to be away from your day to day and if possible your normal working space(s). You need to create the intent that a different type of work is being done. Personally, I like to go all out and plan a mini staycation, hotel and all. This of course isn't necessary, a hotel lobby, coworking space or new coffee shop will do.

Gather Your Materials. Make sure you have all your tools, a notebook/paper, your computer, pens, highlighters, sticky notes etc. Most importantly gather your information, all your previous goal/strategy planning work will be needed.

Create Your Agenda. Be as specific as possible with this outline, create time blocks and identify exactly what type of content is going where. Are you reviewing email data, social media stats, revenue targets? Give everything its own time slot -- along with setting clear intent in space, this is the time for clear intent in action.



1. Are you halfway to your goal targets?

Starting with the obvious, looking over your goals -- are literally you halfway to completing them? With specific hard targets like sales, clients etc you should be approximately halfway to your target.

If you’re not halfway to your target, it can be ok. If you have a legitimate reason to believe you’ll be able to catch up -- wonderful, now write your rationale down in full detail. If not, you may need to take a look deeper into what’s been going on. Write out your rationale and look it over for additional insight. A significant lack of progress should definitely raise a red flag.


2. Are your goals still valid?

If your business has changed since you set your initial goal(s), the goal(s) may no longer be valid or necessary.

Maybe you changed your signature service? Or changed industries completely and no longer desire 1:1 clients. In any case, you want to look at the bigger picture. Be clear and critical.

  • Is this change in your best interest, or is it rooted in procrastination and fear?

  • How does this pivot impact your overall vision?

  • What are your new goals/targets for the next 6 months?


3. What do you need to do to get back or stay on track?

Regardless of whether you have switched goals, sticking with your original goals, or are making new goals -- you need a plan to moving forward.

If you’ve gotten off track:

  • What caused it?

  • When did it happen?

  • How can you get back on track?

Quick Tip: Time allocation is usually the issue.  How are you really spending your time? Are you taking action steps directly related to your goals? Take an honest assessment of what you’ve tried to reach your goal so far, review your current action steps and see where they can be improved. Need my two week time audit? Keep reading for more details.

If you are on the right track:

  • What actions have you taken?

  • What’s are the top 3 reasons for your success?

  • What will you do more of going forward?


4. What support do you need to get back or stay on track?

Shameless plug: You need me. Lol. However, if you aren’t ready to invest in a coach. I’ll give you a few pointers on where to trouble shoot.

Get Accountability. Strategy is not action. Action is action. You have to taking massive action. I’m not saying live out all those cliches, you know hustle now sleep later, sleep when you die -- lies lies lies. Set your goals, track them and crush them. Inlist a business bestie, join my facebook group for accountability, but whatever you do keep forward momentum.

Revise Your Strategy. The right strategy and the right approach are critical. A different “diagnosis” may be needed, depending on your strategy related issue.

  • If you started the year with a bang, but now seem to be losing steam -- you may need to switch up your approach.

  • If you’re not confident in your strategies, or even sure of your next steps, you really should get outside help.

  • If some approaches are working but others fall short, it could be a sign you need training. Udemy is a great resource for inexpensive, topic specific courses like copywriting, marketing and more.


5. How can you aim higher?

If you’re already tracking or exceeding your target, you may have set a goal that was a bit easy, and there could be value in expanding it.

Think about it like this; 

  • Would you rather fall short of a goal to earn $100k in sales, or $1 million?

  • Would you rather fall short of a goal of 5 new clients, or 50?

If you’ve never read The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone you should! In short -- falling short of a bigger goal, is better than falling short of a mediocre one. Set your sights higher and work smarter.

On the other hand, you may be further along than think. If you find you've been killing it, there could be benefit in shifting your area of focus. Regardless of your course of action, a mid-year review is necessary. Seeing your accomplishments laid out could be the confidence boost needed to inspire the rest of your year.


6. What will you do from here?

  • How far do you have to go, and how are you going to get there?

  • In which areas are you on track, and in which ones do you have a lot of catching up to do?

The best mid-year reviews result in actionable next steps. Now that you know whether or not you’re on track and whether or not the goal is still significant, what is the very next step? What will you do next week, next month, and until year-end?

It could be getting support to get unstuck, stay committed or to create a clear plan.

It could be more of what you were already doing or dialing things up a bit to crush your goals and more.

Pull out a calendar, have your support system laid out, and commit to a plan and timeline for the rest of the year.



1. First things first, the guides I mentioned. You can grab them for yourself using the links below.

2. Next up, if you need coaching keep reading:.

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