3 Reasons Why You May Not Be an Entrepreneur

If you don’t know by now, I’m huge on business education. I see (almost) everything through the lens of business. From return on investments vs. opportunity costs -- for things like going to the gym vs. binge watching 6 seasons of Private Practice.

The social media space is deviating away from some of the most critical concepts of business. I’m not suggesting we return stone ages and ignore any forward progression -- but some wheels do not need to be reinvented.

I market largely to “entrepreneurs” because that's the sexy buzzword being used -- rather than an always appropriate association. But since I have you here, I am going to teach you what it is for once and for all. In certain spaces the difference still matters, and I don’t want you to risk your credibility because social media set you up.

4 Really Simple Steps for Killing it As a Solopreneur

Although it sounds like the absolute dream -- sometimes working alone is hard. While you may not have a commute, are able to work in your pajamas, and there’s no boss micromanaging your daily activities, all that glitters is not gold. When the shiny newness wears off, you are faced with the reality of what's really going on. You work alone, day in and day out. No watercooler talk or lunch date debriefs -- you are your own everything, you operate your business, alone.

How To Choose The Best Structure for Your Business Prt. 2

Myth: The name of your “business” and all its parts, must be the same as the name of your legal corporation.

This question is common as many entrepreneurs choose to transition from sole proprietor to LLC. Why? There are many reasons, one common one is for tax purposes. Single member LLC’s have the ability to report earnings/losses and personal income taxes -- just like a sole proprietor.  However, as mentioned before, LLC’s are popular because you can protect your assets, yet make changes easily.