What Story Are You Telling Yourself?

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When you sit back and look at the motives behind why you do what you do -- the short answer is the same -- *cue Drake & Trey* "I just want to be successful"

successful drake trey

Pretty much? We want to be successful. Whether it's as the smart and savvy business person, the transformational coach, the best selling author, or the most amazingly talented whatever. We believe, this identity, this goal, this feat is the ticket.

And it's not.

The problem is it takes more than wanting success to get it. It even takes more than saying you know how you are going to get it (career field included). The hard work and daily grind is only half the battle. Your mindset is the rest. It's really that deep. @@No matter how hard you work, you cannot out hustle a lack mindset.@@ You will eventually have to tackle and master what's in your head.

Don't get it twisted. It's not a simple thing to catch. Think of it like a back handed compliment. We've all gotten those before, when someone says "I like your little abc" or, "it's so cool your trying to be an xyz." Girl bye. We know what those really mean. We all know how that feels. We are all too familiar with the slight sting to our confidence those statements leave behind.

This is how we talk to ourselves -- and we don't even know it.

It's about more than simply speaking positive affirmations over your business and your abilities. It's about the beliefs behind those statements. How we belittle our accomplishments with the if's, when's and then's etc. that we place on our measure of success. How we stunt our ability, before we ever finish growing.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • "I'm not really a website builder if my portfolio is mostly my sites"

  • "I'll be successful when I have a $10,000 month"

  • “I can’t consider myself to be a real author if I haven’t written a book"

  • "If I can just make this abc thing perfect, then I'll be ready to xyz"

  • "When I get my head shots, I'll start start doing more self promo"

  • "I'll be ready for those head shots, when I lose weight"

Just go ahead and discredit all your accomplishments why don't ya? Keep picking and picking, until finally you’re working hard not for the things you want, or the things that align with your idea of success. Instead you find yourself hard at work making up for your "lack."

Just me? Ok cool. But do you see where this is going? Maybe your list looks different, than mine did. But we all have our own never ending list of limiting beliefs. The excuses and fears that keep us from achieving the things we really want.

This is not the mindset where success is made.

@@There is inner work to do, before your outer world will reflect the success you seek.@@

So ask yourself, what story do I want to tell myself? What is my why? What do I identify as success? How else might I be holding myself back?

You have to align yourself with your purpose, you have to work as though you know it's not a matter of if but when, and you have to be ready to receive it however it shows up.

Did you catch that list bit? "However it shows up" -- meaning how things look today, is not how they will look next year or even in 3 months. Don't miss your success story, clinging to your "dream."

Mindfulness reminds you it is all part of the process. The path is not ever straight, you will pivot and there will be change.

But when your mind is right, and your strategy is intact -- there won’t be anything to it but to do it.

Are you ready to commit to mastering your mindset -- hitting reset and choosing a path built for sucess? Great, because I've been waiting for you! There's a resource with your name all over it! Make the choice today, let's talk bout it :)