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Two struggles that appear often in business, in many different ways, are the need for balance and the need for a clear and concise plan of action, aka solid strategy. At any point in time your projects, your business, your whatever-you-are-working-on can become stuck, overbearing or creep off course. Or, maybe you are at the very beginning, square one, and want start off with your absolute best foot forward.

Regardless of where you are, these services are for you. Designed to be customized to your exact need in this very moment, whether you need to Create Balance, Develop Strategy or both -- these services are your best tools for success.



Create Balance.

Organizational Tools and Resources

You many not know what actual imbalance looks like, but chances are you know how it feels. Burn out, inability to make a decision, anxiety etc., it can be any one (or all) of those things. This plan is designed to connect you with the proper resources and information to create the foundation you need. While mindfully infusing your personal genius, to set you apart. It's a about balance.

Together we will...

  • Assess where you stand currently in business and/or life (both are critical to your business success).
  • Assess your business idea and what additional resources are needed to support development.
  • Highlight where you show up in your business
  • Identify (and fill!) information gaps to further legitimize your business idea and solidify positioning
  • Bringing balance back to your life and business

Investment $250 (Payment Plan Available)



Develop Strategy.

Personalized Strategy Sessions

There is no one size fits all approach to strategy. It's about knowing where you are going, and how to get there.Together we will assess where you currently are and create an action plan to move you to where you want to go. No matter the stage, a solid strategy is critical to your business success. The goal is to work smarter, not harder. Creating a business that ultimately runs itself - not you.

Together we will...

  • Develop an overall synopsis of your business to understand where you are right now vs. where you want to go
  • Create SMART Goals with applicable milestones and action steps to achieve goals
  • Audit your business practices for "time stealers" + implementing automation
  • In start-up? Together we will collaboratively brainstorm all elements of your business using the lean canvas model.
  • Accurately articulate your mission and vision moving forward..

Investment $300 (Payment Plan Available)

Both Services Include

  • An intake survey to assess your position, and provide the foundation for your personalized experience.
  • A planning call based on your intake survey to preprare for your plan call
  • [Create Balance] - 45min Clarity Call for asking questions, and outlining resources/info needed for organization
  • [Develop Strategy] - 60min Strategy Session for effectively developing a solid mindful strategy
  • Notes from your call with action steps and follow up items and applicable information and resources
  • Tools created specifically to meet the purposes of each plan
  • Development of an Entrepreneurial operating plan/productivity schedule for maximum results


  • Access to Creative Calls - future coaching calls at a client only rate
  • Access to the Members Only Lounge - words won't do it justice -- read more to see how I LOVE my clients!
  • "First Peaks" + Exclusive access to special offers on all future services and products.

Get started with a class...

On-Demand Classes

*Coming Soon* These classes are designed to support you, provide tools, facilitate personal transformation, and handle all miscellaneous nuts and bolts to be successful in your work, start-up or project. At times available topics can change, and space is limited via rolling enrollments. Why? I want to interact with you, and support you -- when you are ready.

These classes are created to be most advantageous for you. Giving you time to DO the given assignments and receive feedback + follow up before advancing through the modules.

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