Updated often, below you will find the same tools I use to run multiple businesses without losing my mind!


My Top 5

I use these tools everyday. Acuity is a one stop shop, for scheduling, forms and payment. Digit, allows me to save for investments into my business, or to try new things. It has options for a monthly allocated amount, OR it saves for you based on your spending patterns. I'm a google fanatic, but its so easy to have my calendar, email, drive/docs (with dope add-ons) all one place, G-Suite. Lastly, good 'ol Go Daddy. Amazing customer service, easy to use -- with a coupon almost every day of the week. I am queen of sitting on domains until I am ready to use them, and Go Daddy makes that easy!


Idea Capture

  • Beyond Google Everything (DocsCalendarGmail, etc.) I rely daily on a 1-2-3 punch of the following tools: Workflowy for my master list, TeuxDeux for a daily and weekly play-by-play, and Evernote for capturing all longer-term ideas and brainstorming.
  • Captio is great for emailing notes to yourself on-the-go in just two clicks (far fewer than sending yourself an email).
  • For mind-mapping, check out Bubble.us, a free web application for brainstorming online and MindMeister. For Mac/iPad/iOS, I use Simple Mind.



  • FutureMe.org allows you to write a letter to your future self; will send back to you at the future date that you designate.
  • 750words.com is an online answer to Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages (from the book The Artists Way). Encourages you to free-write for at least 750 words (the equivalent of three long-form pages).



  • Insight Timer is an app for meditation that allows you to set a time, starts and ends with a tibetan bowl chime, and prompts you to journal at the end (if you want to). Records your meditation statistics which can be motivating if you are on a roll.
  • AskMeEvery will send you an email at the end of every day with a question you create. Reply with your report, and track adherence over time.
  • MyFitness Pal – Although there are dozens of apps just like this one, it’s one of my favorites for tracking food and exercise for a few days, just to see how you’re doing. I don’t track religiously, but it’s nice for checking in from time-to-time.


Email Management

  • Mailstrom and Unroll.me help de-clutter your inbox. Mailstrom provides tools for bulk processing in minutes; Unroll.me works with gmail by showing you a list of ALL lists you are subscribed to and allows you to mass unsubscribe (yay!)
  • SaneBox is a great tool that summarizes and filters non-important email, such as newsletters for reading quickly at a glance. Also check out NutshellMail, a service that sends a daily (or at a frequency you suggest) digest of all social media activity.
  • Boomerang for Gmail and Followup.cc – Boomerang is a must-have tool that can delay send on outgoing emails; that and Followup.cc allow you to set emails to leave your inbox and come back at a future date. This feature is great for following-up with people, or getting a long-term email to do out of your way.
  • Rapportive for Gmail – social spying at it’s finest! Rapportive shows someone’s latest updates on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to the righthand side of a message they’ve sent. It also helps you make sure you’re connected with the people you want to be, and shows a photo of the person you are corresponding with.