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Welcome Bombshells!

This is your exclusive "home away from home" here at Aspire Business. You will find all your goodies and more. As promised you will find the slide presentation deck, a pdf download of "The 5 Pillars of a Mindful Business" as well as you exclusive discount codes to use towards the products and service offerings here at Aspire Business.

If at any point you want to visit the full Aspire Business site -- just press click on the name in the top left corner. And in case you forget, you can always find this page at hermovement.2aspire.co -- password "bombshell"

Take a look around and feel free to email me if you have any questions -- info@2aspire.co!


Allow me to reintroduce myself...

I ran through things quickly on the presentation to quickly get to the content, but once again, I am Ashley Sharie -- the founder of this thang right here Aspire Business, where I am your Business and Mindfulness Coach. My full about me can be found here -- but I'll drop you some highlights...

I created Aspire Business because of my love for helping people and my absolute passion for business. We all want freedom. The flexibility to create and live freely. Before building the business you must do the inner work first. You have to prepare the foundation and you have to prepare yourself.

I am here to help you organize life and business together, because in the world of owning your own business they are one. I will help you define your business idea and account for your lifestyle. We will clearly and confidently develop your strategy and mindset to achieve them.

My formal work experience is in government contracting and small business support, combined with my formal education in business administration and social entrepreneurship; I have a unique background puts me in the position to draw from my knowledge of business, leadership and personal development to support you.

So let's do it!

Your Goodies :)

The Presentation


The 5 Pillars of a Mindful Business

The Discount Codes

*click to download the content*

Get Your (Business) Mind Right

I briefly mentioned "Mogul Mindset Makeover" during the presentation, and if you look at the discounts, you get a pretty steep one off this course. This is one of the signature courses here at Aspire Business. It's all about getting your mind right so you can tap into your money making mindset.

Why am I so focused on your mindset? Honestly, that is the ONLY thing that holds us back from getting started, and leveling up.

Yup I said it, and feel free to quote me on it:

@@It's not whether you have the ability to do something that hinders you -- it's your belief in whether or not you have the ability.@@

You can do it, its in you. This idea you have, the business you want to create -- that vision wouldn't be yours if it was in your makeup to get it done. The problem? You can take class after class, get coach after coach -- but if you don't do the inner work first, ie BELIEVE that you can do this thing...none of that will matter.

My job goal, mission, focus -- whatever you want to call it, is to get you OUT of your way and on your path to success. Once we get your mind right, everything else falls in line.

This is the information, guidance and support I needed when I got started. I had no idea how hard I was hustling backwards, trying to make up for the mindset I was living with and #iaintevenknow. You can find more information about the course below

choose your adventure:

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