So you've started your business?

A business that was supposed to bring you financial freedom in fact leaves you constantly worrying about your bank account. You imagined a business that would open you up to a life of affluence and abundance, a business where you could really make a difference in the world.

Yet you struggle to create wealth and when you do, it leaves you feeling burned out and overwhelmed...

If any of this sounds familiar, then I'd love to share with you a powerful tool that will allow you to change all of that around.

It all starts with your mindset.

No matter how hard you try, you cannot out hustle a lack mindset. You have to do the inner work first

When executed correctly, this simple tool is extremely impactful

...and that's where this masterclass comes in!

During this transformational online learning experience, you will discover....

What intentions are, and how they are a key "cheat code"

Why intentions are powerful for both your life and your business

Why intentions aren't goals, but actually the precursor to effective goal setting

How to set intentions that you connect with and are powerful enough to transform your mindset

Examples of how I have coached clients to use intentions to transform their busines

A curated list of intentions you can borrow and begin using right now

How to use intentions in a way that rapidly produces results

A special set of resources and an exclusive offer

About Your Host

Ashley Sharie is strategy and mindset coach who helps women level up their mindset and create a success strategy so that they can grow their net worth.

She is also founder of the coaching brand Aspire Business, a company that has to date has helped quite a few women launch successful coaching businesses and create freedom, affluence and impact as a coach.

Ashley's biggest passion lies in inspiring other women create freedom, break through limiting beliefs, and create clarity about their desired impact as a business owner.

Ashley Sharie