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The Members Lounge is a resource library full of information and tools for building a successful business and mindset. I share fully and exclusively with this space, every. single. month.

So why the Members Lounge? Basically, I like creating content; useful & actionable content. I love being able to share all my business, personal development etc, background with you in ways that will help advance your business and your life. So I created the space for myself to do so, inside the Members Lounge!

As a bonus, one of the subscription plans comes with the ability for you to earn money while building your business!

Keep reading for the full details & details on how to join today!


Aside from the perks listed below, this place is for you to get access to all that you need. You'll get first dibs on beta testing new features, programs and content...and more!

Not only will you get resources for things like: starting a business, creating a blog, growing a business, developing strategy, bringing your creative ideas to life, balancing all the above with your life and more. You'll also get access to me and the ability for accountability and support.

Whether you are in start-up or have been in business for awhile, there is something for you here!
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MONEY Matters

Membership is paid on a monthly basis. There are 2 membership plans: $9.99 and 12.99. The difference being with the $12.99 plan you earn 20% commission on everyone who joins via your share link while your membership is current. That's free money every month just for being here, working hard and encouraging others to do the same!

I am super excited to offer you the ability to earn money while your building, because every little bit helps. Also, because when you work with me, I teach you how to maximize your dollars to their fullest. #shamelessplug


As a member you are treated just like any other client, with access to the exclusive client only email address for expedited service, and office hours. The details are listed just inside the lounge.



The Members Lounge Includes

Monthly Content Additions

Each week there will be purposeful and intentional conversations, posts and engagement to help grow all aspects of your business and life. The focus is on you! Your wants and needs as a group member. Meaning you can request content, ask questions, share business/life projects and sign up to be in the hot seat!

Squarespace Tips and Tricks

This site is built entirely on Squarespace and sheer determination. I am 100% self taught and I want you to capitalize on my investment. Saving you time and energy, so you can get back to focusing on what matters -- your strategy! This is perfect if you've had a Website Audit and/or Design Consultation.


Mini Courses + MasterClasses & More

Mini Courses

Mini Courses are like super extended blog posts with homework. Many of the concepts that are critical to business have a lot of depth and it is the mission of Aspire Business to position its clients for success. Therefore these courses help break the concepts down even more and provide guidance for making it applicable to your life and business.

Content/Service Previews

Before rolling out new content and service offerings, there are Beta tests. Being a client allows your first dibs on being part of a special beta testing group, as well as a limited quantity discount, when the content/service goes live. Although it is first come first serve sign up, where applicable, all clients are provided fair access to previews.


Mindful Business Mini Magazine

These memos include lessons + action items about business and mindfulness. A combination of content to expand your knowledge, and actions items for you to apply what you've learned to your life/business.


I offer masterclasses with a spin. Some audio only series, some video -- all packed with valuable information and just for you.

PDF Downloads

Many of the free resources are provided in web only format, members get special access to downloadable formats. As well as access to on demand content created only for clients.


Seriously, there is truly even. more! Monthly activities, affirmations, etc. Also, depending when you joined my mailing list, or if you have it all -- you might have missed some crucial information or awesome resources. As a member, you wont have to worry about that at all. I'm sharing it all with you, again, so you don't miss a beat.

Joining is Simple!


  • Visit the Members Lounge by clicking the button below

  • Follow the on screen instructions to join MMBR (the service used to protect the pages & track your commission!)

  • Go to the email address you provided, and click the activation link

  • Go back to the Members Lounge page and select continue

  • Choose your membership plan, using the arrows to scroll through the options

  • Select your plan and pay

  • BOOM! You are granted access right now, TODAY!

Note: Joining the lounge will place you on an email list serve exclusive to members. The purpose of this list is to share your perks with you and exclusive offers for members. You can opt out at any time, but you will not receive additional notification or receive the full benefits of membership.

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“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.”
— Henry David Thoreau


WANT A PREVIEW? Check out the Aspire Guides in the resources. Take what you see and multiple it x100 -- that's what you will find in the lounge!