“Accountability separates the wishers in life from the action-takers that care enough about their future to account for their daily actions. “
— John Di Lemme
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Welcome to the Party!!

The Members Lounge is a membership group that gives you access to everything listed below. The gist: content and tools created just for you and access to me, whenever you need! Bonus: FREE access to the Members Lounge private Facebook group (super convenient). My favorite part: I can do what I do best, share ALL things business and mindfulness and help you along your path to success. Keep reading for more details!


Aside from the perks listed below, this place is for you to get access to all that you need. Join other asprining inviduals to keep motivated and accountable. Why is accountability important? Accountability is all about helping others to reach their goals through purposeful, sustainable action.

In addition to keeping you accountable -- this group allows you to pick my brain and get help with things like: starting a business, creating a blog, growing a business, developing strategy, bringing your creative ideas to life, balancing all the above with your life and more.

Whether you are in start-up or have been in business for awhile, there is something for you here!


Membership is for 1 Year with monthly or lump-sum options. Bonus, when you pay for the full year, you keep your original enrollment rate forever! Once payment is received you will get the link and access code you need for your private page, and you'll be invited to the free Facebook group!

**NOTE:** There will not be an unlimited number of seats available. The purpose of the Members Lounge is not to become as big as possible but to be as beneficial as possible. Many large groups are shutting down as its hard to provide value to masses be it for free or for pay. The Members Lounge is true investment into you personally and professionally. 


This group requires commitment, confidentiality, willingness to both give and receive advice and ideas, and support each other with total honesty, respect and compassion. Members Lounge members are each others catalysts for growth! Collectively we help each other win.

Make the group work for you:

  • Engage as often as you can; ask questions, give constructive feedback.
  • Time management is critical. If you need help finding a working balance, let me know!
  • Help others by sharing what you know and hone your expertise. 
  • Pay close attention to your overall goals. Be true to YOU, not what you think is popular.
  • Don't be spammy, be authentic. If it feels spammy -- it is spammy




Weekly Group Engagement

Each week there will be purposeful and intentional conversations, posts and engagement to help grow all aspects of your business and life. The focus is on you! Your wants and needs as a group member. Meaning you can request content, ask questions, share business/life projects and sign up to be in the hot seat!

Squarespace Tips and Tricks

This site is built entirely on squarespace and sheer determination. I am 100% self taught and I want you to capitalize on my investment. Saving you time and energy, so you can get back to focusing on what matters -- your strategy! This is perfect if you've had a Website Audit and/or Design Consultation.


Mini Courses + Content/Service Previews + PDF Downloads

Mini Courses

Mini Courses are like super extended blog posts with homework. Many of the concepts that are critical to business have a lot of depth and it is the mission of Aspire Business to position its clients for success. Therefore these courses help break the concepts down even more and provide guidance for making it applicable to your life and business.

Content/Service Previews

Before rolling out new content and service offerings, there are Beta tests. Being a client allows your first dibs on being part of a special beta testing group, as well as a limited quantity discount, when the content/service goes live. Although it is first come first serve sign up, where applicable, all clients are provided fair access to previews.

MEMBER Memos + Audio/Visual Content

Mindful Business Mini Magazine

These memos include lessons + action items about business and mindfulness. A combination of content to expand your knowledge, and actions items for you to apply what you've learned to your life/business.

Audio/Visual Content

There will be lives, lessons and presentations by myself and others! Just trust its as dope as the rest of the content and site.

PDF Downloads

Many of the free resources are provided in web only format, members get special access to downloadable formats. As well as access to pdf/download content created only for clients. Checklists, Mini workbooks and more.


::BONUS:: Access to my Tribe

Yes, that's right...access to my tribe aka your new dream team. My accountability partners, sister circles etc are filled with boss women doing boss things. They've shared some content and created some content exclusively for you! 


Check out the Aspire Guides in the resources. Take what you see and multiple it x100 -- that's what you will find in the lounge!


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