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Mindful Business Mini Magazine

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ABOUT THE MAGAZINE: The mini magazines include short lessons and action items about business and mindfulness. A carefully crafted combination of content to expand your knowledge, and activities for you to apply what you've learned to your life/business.

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Popular Features

All things Squarespace

Although daunting at first, if you chose Squarespace as your platform -- you are in for a treat.  With a little coding here and there you can personalize your site and add just the bit of personality you need to really make you and your business stand out.

Brand Name Brainstorm

The basis of a strong and successful business is not just a solid product/service and systems -- it's a brand.  More than colors and slogans its a Brand + Name that shapes how your business is perceived in your customers and perspectives customers minds.

Build a Better Brand Guide

Your brand is the basis for how people identify with and remember your business. Knowing that your brand can be a tab in a window next to your competition is the reason why it is important to understand how to confidently create your brand strategy.


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