Mindset Shift FAQ's

I'm so happy that you are considering working together. If at any point you still have questions please feel free to email me at info@2aspire,co!


1. A Mindfulness Coach…what can you do for me?

I will help you discover that which you really want.

  • Ask you to be more than you thought you could be on your own.
  • Help you to gain clarity and focus to produce results more quickly.
  • Provide you with the tools, support and structure to be more.

I do this in a format allowing the freedom to cultivate a multitude of client/coach partnerships. My clients gain focus, equanimity, strength and empowerment.

2. How do your services differ from consulting? Therapy? Sports coaching? A best friend?


Coaching is rather like consulting. However, in coaching the coach stays with the client in a closer partnership to help implement the new skills, changes and goals, to make sure that they happen. In consulting the consultant offers more know-how guidance and suggestions. Often sessions are scheduled on as as-needed basis.


Coaching is not therapy. Coaches don’t work on psychological “problems” or get into the past or deal much with understanding human behavior. That knowledge may come as clients move forward toward personal and professional goals that will give them the life they really want, but it should not be the focus of a coaching relationship.


Coaching includes several principles from sports coaching, like teamwork, going for the goal, being your best. Unlike sports coaching, most professional coaching is not competition or win/lose based. Coaches focus on strengthening their clients’ skills, not on helping them beat the other team. Coaches look for win/win solutions.

Best friend.

A best friend is wonderful to have. But is your best friend a professional who you will trust to work with you on the most important aspects of your life and/or business? Have both – a best friend and a coach.

3. What is your basic philosophy for your services?

Simply put, it is that we humans are very complex and capable of far more than we give ourselves credit for. We’re all on the path of discovering what it is we really and truly want. I will help you identify who you are, what you really want and how to attain it. Additionally I will help you stay on track until you get there.

4. Who hires me and why?

You hire me because;

  • You want to clean up your life and redirect your focus and energy.
  • You want equanimity, focus and inner strength.
  • You want to grow through insight, creativity and understanding.
  • You want to create your life intentionally

5. What happens when you hire me?

Many amazing things, but some of the most important are:

  • You design and create your life intentionally.
  • You take yourself and your life more lightly.
  • You take more effective and focused actions immediately.
  • You stop struggling with what is dragging you down.
  • You create momentum so that it’s easier to get results.
  • You gain greater clarity, intention and vision to bring you what you REALLY want; happiness.

6. Do I work on personal goals or business/professional goals?

Yes, both actually. With the line between personal and business life blurring, as it is in the new millennium, coaches are the only professional trained to work with all aspects of you. Communication, energy, balance and focus are essential core ingredients needed to find that which we’re all looking for – Joy and fulfillment.

7. Why does the Aspire Mindset Shift philosophy work?

There are several reasons:

  • The synergy between us creates momentum.
  • Better goals are set — ones that naturally pull you toward your goal rather than goals that require you to push yourself to the goal.
  • You develop new skills, and these skills translate into deeper peace and a more fulfilling life.

8. What else do you work on?

Honestly, whatever best suits you based on where you are in your life and where you want to go.

9. This is still too abstract for me to understand – what is a contextual example…

I do just what an athletic coach or music teacher does, only in a fuller and deeper way. I challenge you to take the time to find out what ‘happiness’ in life means to you. I am your partner in moving toward the life you most honestly want, personally and professionally. I’m someone to hold you accountable for your life, to make sure you really do live up to your inner most potential. No matter where you are in life, there is almost always an aspiration to attain something greater; more equanimity, closer relationships, a deeper feeling of connection and contentment in life. It is the nature of people to want to attain something ‘better’, understand our life situation, become more, and we’re all challenged to define what it is we really want and how to create what we’re really looking for. A good coach takes you in new directions and open new doors that you may not have considered before; personally, physically and spiritually.

Most people believe that “hard work and doing it on your own” are the keys to finding the life, success, money, or happiness that they seek. They believe that a price must be paid to attain what they want, and often that price is poor health, not having enough time to enjoy life, strained family relationships or lessened productivity. The saddest part is that, even though this effort may result in more of something, it is often not the something you had in mind, and you end up back where you started, or worse, further from your real intentions.

Athletes and performers know about this trap. They know they need someone else, a trained someone else to help them set goals, discover real desires, and effectively move toward ultimate attainment of excellence. So, they are willing to hire a coach or a teacher. No serious athlete or musician would expect to progress very far without one.

10. What if I’m already doing well in my life? Do I even need you?

You may feel like you have everything under control, but it is helpful to find out: Are you feeling disconnected with people who don’t seem to understand you? Tolerating things that are draining your energy? Is life difficult? Are you free of addictions? Peaceful? Organized? Do you have fulfilling relationships? I’ve discovered that, often, people want something deeper, more complete in their lives. I can help in this process, and many more.

11. Can a dependency be created between you and me?

Not at all. You may “need” me in order to accelerate your progress, yet not be “dependent” on me. Anyone who’s working on major changes “needs” structure, advice and support, so, in that sense, having a coach is certainly helpful, but an emotional, psychological dependency is not created. I work with people who are just fine and strong enough on their own. Remember, I’m not resolving psychological issues here. That task is left to the therapists. I’m helping you to create a better life: deeper fulfillment, integrity, freedom, creativity, and a higher quality of life.

12. Can coaching hurt someone?

No. Remember, I am by not, by any circumstances, doing psychological work. I am not trying to control your thinking. If at any point in time you feel uncomfortable, you are 100% within your right to speak up and let me know.  Additionally, if there is any point in time where I feel uncomfortable with my ability to address your situation, I will refer you to the appropriate professional to insure you get the proper services you need.

13. Can I hire you just for a short-term, special project?

Yes. I can help you accomplish specific goals. However, you may well choose to keep working with me after that because there are ever deeper levels of insight to attain and ever more challenges to overcome.

14. How long must I commit if I start working with you?

My format is primarily done by monthly retainer; however you’re free to stop at anytime if you feel it is not right for you, or you no longer need my services.. I only ask that you finish out the month or give us enough time to have closure. With that said, I am also flexible and have the ability to tailor my services to fit your exact needs.

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