The first step is preparing your businesses most valuable asset. Your mindset.

Your mental fortitude is what gets you through and sets you apart from your competition. Your ability to create and sustain success is 20% related to the services/products that you provide, but 80% reliant on you.

Your willingness to show up and do the work
Your belief in your abilities and the amazing things you are capable of doing
Your capacity for growth and development
Your diligence in unlearning what stories don't serve you
Your fierce commitment to creating and recreating new stories that do

Your 8 Week Mindset Mastery Journey

Prepare to walk through the steps to transform you into the CEO, your future successful business needs!

To begin the program, you start with an Introduction Week of activities to prepare you for the weeks to come as well as a 1:1 Call with me to kick things off! Then your 2 part #innerwork journey begins. You dive deep into you, as a person and transition into identifying you as a CEO.

The program wraps up, in Week 8, with the signature Mindset Mastery Method Test. This assessment is a measure for you to see how far you’ve come and to sure up any “loose” ends before the program concludes. There will be supplemental resources provided to make sure that this final week of the program tops off your transformation.

PART 1: You the Person



Understand what values influence your lifestyle, and decide whether that aligns with who you aspire to be.



Explore your current beliefs, and identify whether they support your future business and lifestyle goals.



Asses all the elements that create your current money story. Rewrite the script for your future success.

PART 2: You the CEO



Objectively analyze who you are today, and learn how to leverage your strengths to best support your business.





CLASS BONUS: Business x Mindset Emergency Action Plan

It happens to the best of us — somedays just you aren’t feeling it — but your business needs you to show up. No worries, I’ve got the RX!

You’ve got me on speed dial whenever you need. Just for COMPLETING the program you get two 1:1 Calls to schedule whenever you want — within one year of purchase!


How am I so sure it’s all in your mind(set)?

Think about it. New business are created every year…

While roughly 80% make it through to year 2 — if you fast forward 4-5 years and almost half of this business have closed their doors. You can fact check me here.

So, what about the business the are still going strong? When the shiny new thing appeal has worn off, what do they do? What is the secret to their staying power?

I can tell you for certain what it’s not.

It's not just about whether they had a detailed strategic plan, or whether their marketing budget was robust enough -- it's not even about how much heart & hustle the owner has. Think of these as the icing on the cake.

But the cake itself — is their mindset. The underlying belief structure, the intrinsic motivation, the stories, the foundation from which they both create and interpret their lives.

If that is off, everything created from it will follow suit.

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P.S. Who am I to say I can support you through this transition? I’ve got the degrees & have dedicated myself to mastering my mindset too!

You want your business to bear good fruit? Then you, the creator, must be the healthy foundation from which it is produced -- aka it all starts in your mind

You can have an amazing business idea for a product or service, but if you don’t deal with your mindset first, you will run your genius idea into the ground. No matter how hard you grind, you can’t out hustle a lack mindset. Sooner or later your mindset will catch up to you, so why not stack the deck in your favor.

Do the inner work first — starting right now.

No more wondering “how they do it” or “where they got it”! You will have the juice too!

To truly #slayinyourlane and operate from your zone of genius (and consistently too)— it’s a mindset thing.


  • Weekly content modules including content + activities to begin your process of unlearning and reclaiming.

  • A starter set of #MindfulMoment activities to prepare the foundation of your own mindfulness practice.

  • A list of affirmations and journal prompts for each module to reinforce the concepts and retrain your brain!

  • A weekly media bundle to with everything from books to youtube videos and even phone/computer backgrounds & more to fully immerse yourself in the mindset mastery experience

  • Bonus Mindset x Business RX Calls to help recenter when things go awry.

Mindset Mastery Method

Want to make sure it all sticks?
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