The Process

Before you jump into a pool, what’s the first thing you do? Check stick your toe and check the temperature — and the depth.  At Aspire Business, it is the same way, you have to check to make sure my format and my process is something that works for you.

How I Work

If you decide to Work With Me — there are several options.  For my 1:1 Business Coaching especially, and the outline of my Strategy Calls, I use the process outlined below.

I am here to help you prioritize , hold you accountable for what matters most, and plan a tangible strategy that helps you reach your most important goals — while maintaining balance in your life.

You will always be in the know — I will take copious notes during our calls, so that you are free to talk and think.  These notes will be our source to quickly delegate action items from our sessions, and providing a concrete and concise foundation for our check-ins.


These phases will vary slightly from client to client, as they process is based on you and your needs only.  However, you can use the following as a general guide to provide understanding of how the sessions will go:

–Defining Your Vision–

1. Exploratory Questions— Before we begin our first session, I will have you reflect on a set of exploratory questions and will send a little more information about how we will work together. This will help lay the framework to help me get to know you better, and will often spark some ideas and inspiration for you too.

2. What is Success — to YOU? — Starting with your values, we will shape where you are in your life, and where you would like to be.  We will analyze what is important to you, and most importantly we will define what success looks like.  Keeping values and success in mind, we will make sure your life, business and quarterly milestones reflect what is most important to you.

3. Stepping Stones— This phase is all about creating a clear path of deliverables for our sessions together each month, so that it is clear what we are working toward. Most of my clients walk away feeling like the changes they made were priceless, and I want the same for you.

–Strategy Building–

4. Strategizing— This is the fun part, a high level overview/blueprint of whatever area of your life or business that you have set out to change.  We will also identify any key players that you may need to have on your team to ensure your success.

5. Prioritizing— Now that it is clear at a high level what you are looking to achieve, we will prioritize what is most important from week-to-week all while keeping in mind where you should focus your attention next. This is where I will share all my tools of the trade with you — helpful templates, resources in-between calls etc. to provide helpful support and shortcuts wherever I can.

–Go Time!–

6. The dirty work— This is where all the vision and big ideas really get road-tested, and I will routinely be checking in with you to ensure that you feel feel confident about the direction you are heading and  with the progress you are making.

7. Reflection (Peaks and Pits)—Challenges are inevitable, and we will make a timely plan for how to deal with them, as they arise. You will continue to roll with the punches, and at times we will determine when it makes sense to pivot, course correct or keep it moving.

Of equal importance — we will CELEBRATE. We will take time to feel and enjoy each and every success as we take the knowledge and positive energy forward into the next task. We are often so quick to move on once we achieve successes that we forget to slow down and appreciate all the great things you are doing so that more will follow.

–Staying Strong–

9. Future Planning—We will revisit your long-term strategy (Step 4) and cue up the next set of major milestones (Step 5). We will review what we have accomplished so far, and look for any learning or systems optimization that we can implement for the next round of goals and/or projects.