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a 3 Month Coaching Program designed to get you from idea to execution;creating a sustainable business model -- without losing your mind.

Whether in startup, looking to reorganize/restructure, or audit your current business practices this group mastermind is for you.

MYB Mastermind Overview


  • Assess your current standing in business and life 
  • Evaluate your business, brand and/or idea and what resources are needed to support brainstorming + development
  • Bring awareness to your expertise/strengths and how to highlight them within your idea
  • Pinpoint information gaps to further clarify your idea and strengthen your positioning
  • Makeover your business mindset, removing limiting beliefs and creating a success mindset


  • Define your unique mission, vision and values statement for your idea 
  • Create a "big picture" of your business to illustrate where you are currently vs. where you aspire to grow
  • Design your MVP with details for launch
  • Craft SMART Goals with detailed milestones and action steps for fulfillment
  • Apply the 2aspireco mindful idea assessment model to audit + adjust your business idea


  • Identify systems and processes to bring your MVP to life
  • In Startup? We will create a strategy to scale your idea post MVP and include a lean business plan
  • OG in Business? We will provide tools to audit your current offerings against market demand  
  • Get access to tools, resources, checklists and more to continue developing + growing your idea
  • Create a customized mindful productivity plan to balance your business and your life

MYB Mastermind Details:


  • Weekly content to accompany the modules listed above.
  • 6 Group Sessions (2 per month). These calls cover the module content and everything from accountability, questions, brainstorm through roadblocks and more!
  • Private group for accountability and support
  • 30 Day Mindful Goal Tracking Guide
  • 52 Mindful Business Affirmations to speak life over your business and successes each week
  • Lifetime access to all content and materials


The current trend is for coaches to promote “copying”. To take their “success model” and force it on your vision. I want to take you and your business to a new place. A place exclusively meant for you, your talents and your vision.


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Bring Awareness to and Eliminate Overwhelm and Procrastination

You’ll learn to manage your time like a pro. Keeping all clyinders on go by learning where to focus and how to prioritize. You’ll learn to divide and conquer, putting your energy where it needs to be to get your business going and the wins rolling in.

Skip Over Common Business Mistakes

You’ll learn the major keys of startup so your business is a success, and learn to fail foward. Failure is inevitable, but learning and pivoting from is not. By getting off on the right foot you’ll save yourself a lot of grief, worry and heartache. You will skip Go AND collect your $200!

Mindset Mastery: Create the Confidence You Neeed to Succeed

You’ll identify your strengths and talents, develop a new found level of confidence and self belief, and really bring out your best. You’ll discover what saps your confidence and how to deal with it, how to access your inner strength, and begin to tackle challenges head on – so that you feel more in control and stop fear getting in the way of your success.

Design and Implement Your Personal Vision

No matter how much time and effort you’ve put into this already – there’s always more to be done. Without a clear vision and plan your chances of your success are much lower. You’ll dive deeper into your vision for your business so that it becomes even clearer to you but more importantly, your target market.

Create Balance: Build a Business that Supports Your Lifestyle

Many people start their own business because they want to change their lifestyle and have more free time and more control over what they do -- only to find that their new business takes over their life completely and they end up becoming a slave to their business. You’ll learn how to build and grow your business in a way that supports the lifestyle you want to create so that you run your business and not the other way around.