Are you confidently able to walk your prospect through the journey of problem to you, for solution?

Sales calls are not a numbers game.

You can, in fact, stack the deck in your favor, and get more “yes’s” than “no’s” once you implement a tried and true process. A process you enjoy that builds relationships, establishes your authority and most importantly, closes the sale. Holding sales calls with qualified leads who are actually prepared to buy from you (which I'll show you exactly how to test in this course) IS the answer.


What if you had everything needed to conduct all your future sales calls from a place of confidence, clarity and conversion?

Here’s some of what you can learn in just one weekends time:



Learn how/why to properly qualify your leads and confidently prepare for your call.



Walk step by step through the elements of a sales call crafted to close your potential clients.



Learn how to increase your odds at closing via email, or the next steps in on-boarding your new client!

TRAINING BONUSES: Resources & Done For You Trello Board System


I’m Your Host, The Sales Call Whisperer

Sales, Discovery, Introductory — whatever-you-want-to-call-it calls are a major entry point to your business, and I LOVE them. So much so, that when my clients were struggling selling their epic programs, products & services we created — I had to create a solution ASAP. One moment they were excited about the idea of on-boarding a client and then something would flip. They said things like…

  • “I’m scared of not knowing the ‘perfect thing’ to say.”"

  • “I’m scared of not sounding like an expert/authority.”

  • “I’m scared to state my price - what if they say no?!”

  • “I’m tired of throwing everything AND the kitchen sink in as an added bonus — and then feel sick about undervaluing my time/energy.”

All their concerns had one common element, they lacked a sales call strategy 🙆🏽‍♀️. An easy to execute process they could repeat over and over again!

Copy of Copy of Copy of cirlceimage4 (1).png

To date, with this process I have closed 100% of my sales calls. Connecting with clients and converting sales is as easy as 1-2-3, and now you can do it too!

For coaches and other service based businesses, the sales call is one of the most critical elements for creating new opportunities.

You can create an amazing product, program or signature service, but if you can’t communicate its value and close the sale, it’s worthless 🤷🏽‍♀️. Sales Call Strategy guides you step by step through turning prospects into playing clients. No more all over the place calls, no more losing your focus, and no more warm leads turned cold!

 You’ll get my crazy successful (and easy to implement) 3 Step Process for sales calls that convert.

This training goes beyond simply what to say on the phone. We start all the way from square one, before you ever speak to your client.

Never again will you feel unprepared or unsure — in fact you will go into every future call from a place of authority. collecting information and further positioning yourself as the solution.

No more guessing! In one click, you’ll get everything you need.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, when you can use my process, outline and elements as a baseline for creating your very own.

YOur Resources INCLUDES:

  • Custom notes pages to help you highlight important details about the sales call process.

  • A list of over 20 Qualifying Questions to strengthen your pre-screening process.

  • A fully customize-able sales call script for a 45min call to help jump start your process now!

  • An in-call checklist + worksheet to help your call flow and provide a place to record key client info.

  • A follow up email series templates to handle objections and requests for more time.

  • A post call review to help you further refine and perfect your sales call process.

Sales Call Strategy - 2aspireco.png

But wait?! What about Trello?!

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JUST FOR ATTENDING: You’ll receive a done for you Trello board to add a bit of system to your sales call strategy. Your ready made board includes:

  • The Sales Call Process

  • Lead Tracking + Labeling

  • A Sample On-boarding Outline

With this addition to your package, ALL the guesswork is removed. You are ready to flawlessly execute your new sales call process.

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It’s really a no brainer. You’re getting:

✓ 1. The complete 3 Part Process for closing sales calls ✓ 2. Every resource you could possibly need to develop your process ✓ 3. A done for you system for tracking leads ✓ 4. PLUS: Mini audio lessons on insights + best practices for collecting payment AND on-boarding your new clients!

I’ll see you inside Sales Call Strategy 💃🏽!